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David "Ryan" Walker

Our mission at the DRW Forever Falcon Foundation is to honor the memory of David Ryan Walker II, who lost his life to a drunk driver, and to provide financial support to deserving students of local area high schools near Vermilion, Ohio, as well as Bowling Green State University students. Ryan was a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Firelands High School, class of 2020. He was a third-year student at BGSU. The Forever Falcon Scholarship Fund aims to promote drunk driving awareness, educate students on drunk driving laws and penalties, advocate for automotive airbag safety for rear passengers, and support academic achievement among students. During this thankful holiday season, we are aiming to raise over $10,000 to fund scholarships for Firelands, Vermilion, and other local schools.

The Forever Falcon Foundation is proudly a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We rely on donations to carry out our mission supporting the students. 

Your generous tax-deductible donation helps ensure an educational outreach. All levels of sponsorship mean a great deal.

Our mission is to honor students for their dedication to education and to allow Ryan’s legacy to continue paving paths for the future.

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